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BOSCH won the "2016 China truck users' most trusted common rail"


BOSCH won the "2016 China truck users' most trusted common rail"

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"It is a necessary common rail system for the national VI emission upgrade. The sunrise equipment is the first choice of the country V and the higher emission standards, but also the pioneer of the diesel common rail system in the user's heart." It is BOSCH! In January 18, 2016, China Truck Network hosted the trust - the China Truck user survey and selection awards ceremony, the BOSCH diesel common rail system with higher system pressure, better emission capacity, lower fuel consumption service users, was named the 2016 year of the most trusted Chinese truck users. Rails!


"Discovery trust" - a Chinese truck driver's car survey and selection activity, intended to discover and harvest the power of trust. Since August 2015, the China Truck network found that the trust group has launched a reliable visit to the country, and has visited more than 600 logistics parks and more than 40 large logistics enterprises, and more than 10000 users have been investigated... Over 30 provinces and municipalities in Northeast China, North China, central China, East China, Southern China, southwest and Northwest China, and over 10000 questionnaires were collected.


In the process of investigation and visit, China Truck network found that as the country's environmental pollution control intensified, the emission standards of truck products were constantly upgraded. The common rail system, as the engine technology line, became the key to the emission upgrade. The understanding of the common rail system from the logistics users from the strange to the familiar, although the process is slow, but with the strengthening of the awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, the function and strong technical support of the common rail system make them truly see the power of environmental protection, and BOSCH becomes the representative of the common rail system and become a familiar common rail system. It is also reasonable for China's truck users to rely on common rail in 2016.


For more than 80 years, BOSCH has been in the leading position in the field of diesel technology, ranging from single parts to common rail systems, commercial vehicle tail gas processing systems and natural gas power systems to the key solutions that can meet the specific needs of customers, covering road vehicles and non road vehicles. Reducing the cost to achieve energy saving and emission reduction targets, the diesel common rail fuel injection system can perfectly match any diesel engine, and can replace the use of the mechanical injection system to form a perfect local customer service capability.


At present, the common rail system produced by BOSCH has been widely used in domestic engines. The high pressure pumps and injectors on the small and portable systems designed according to the needs of the Chinese market have all been made domestically, and both the quality and the price are very competitive. In the face of the upcoming national five emission standard, BOSCH is also well prepared. BOSCH's national five emission standard solution is to optimize the common rail system on the basis of the four emission design of the country, and combine the BOSCH high efficient SCR urea injection system, Denoxtronic6-5, to convert the urea into ammonia by pyrolysis and hydrolysis, and through the SCR catalytic converter, through the ammonia, the main substance of the air pollution in the tail gas. Nitrogen oxides are reduced to harmless water and ammonia. This method can not only reduce nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas, but also save oil by about 5%.


Of course, BOSCH's exploration of the common rail system is far more than these. It is understood that BOSCH has developed a system solution that can meet the euro six emission standards to meet the requirements for further upgrading of future emissions. In the future, BOSCH will also respond to the national energy conservation and emission reduction strategy goals and continue to play its own role in making more contributions to environmental protection and energy conservation.