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The cold wave is coming: Weichai will fight for the cold wave for you


The cold wave is coming: Weichai will fight for the cold wave for you

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With the cold wave from north to South "attack" on the sunrise mine, most of the area, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued 21 consecutive cold wave yellow early-warning, Blizzard yellow early warning and sea wind yellow early warning.


Here is to remind the driver's friends that we must pay attention to protecting cars when the weather is low.


As the "heart" of the vehicle, the Weichai engine has been tested in Heihe, Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, which has a good low temperature starting function. No auxiliary measures can be started at -15 C directly. The intake preheating can be successfully started at -35 C.


Weichai special "fuel water cold Bao", set up three functions of pump oil, filtration and heating, effectively solve the problem of low temperature startup.


Here are some tips on vehicle maintenance at low temperature.


1. check the whole car before driving


In the cold winter, the engine needs to be protected. Not only check the label of engine oil for it, but also check the antifreeze fluid of the tank.


Oil selection:


With the advent of cold weather, the viscosity of diesel engine oil will increase. The proper viscosity level can avoid the difficulty of starting diesel engine and increasing the wear of components.


Warm hint: Weichai has special oil suitable for every environment temperature. Special oil can provide the best protection for engine, enhance engine performance and prolong service life. Please see the use of label.


Antifreeze replacement:


When the cold weather is coming, please replace the antifreeze solution suitable for freezing point in time. The choice principle is that the freezing point of the coolant is about 10 degrees lower than the local minimum temperature.


2. to get off at low temperature


At low temperatures, many vehicles will encounter difficulties in starting fire when they start, or sometimes they will suddenly turn off in traffic. The correct way to deal with this problem is that the time of vehicle start-up is best controlled within 5 seconds, that is, to turn the key or to press the start switch not to last too long. If the 3 start is not successful, it should be stopped for a few minutes before continuing to start, so that the battery will not be damaged.


In case of a particularly cold weather, the battery can be unloaded and kept indoors for warmth. Although this is a bit troublesome, it can ensure the smooth start of the vehicle.


Because the winter temperature is cold, the lubricating oil will be not easy to flow because of the increase of viscosity. After starting the engine, it should be slowly driving to preheat. In the meantime, the engine should not be tread fiercely, and the engine's speed is not too high.


3. take extra attention to the control of the speed.


The surface of the road has thin ice, which reduces the friction coefficient of the tire and the pavement, greatly reduces the adhesion and is easy to skid or turn. Therefore, the distance between the vehicles and the front and rear vehicles is appropriately increased in the course of driving in order to prevent the car from suddenly braking, and the distance from the left and right vehicles should also be paid attention to.