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31 President Xiang Wenbo: to be tolerant of new things, we must keep pace with the times.


31 President Xiang Wenbo: to be tolerant of new things, we must keep pace with the times.

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Although the capital market in early 2016 failed to deliver equipment to the sun, Sany President Xiang Wenbo and the 31 team went out of an important step in this "winter": the total amount of convertible bonds issued by the company was officially listed in January 18th.


For the traditional industry, this winter is extremely cold, and in this cold current, the equipment manufacturing industry is no exception. Macroeconomic growth is sluggish and industry boom is declining, but not everyone will stop in the face of difficulties. Transformation and upgrading are inevitable choices. In an exclusive interview with reporters, Xiang Wen Bo appeared confident and optimistic. "Now the whole industry is in a period of adjustment, but we regard it as an opportunity". He said that 31 of the confidence came from the grasp of the national strategy and its own adjustment and transformation. The issue of convertible debt raising will also be mainly used for transformation and upgrading.


As for the transformation of traditional industries, the "Internet +" in the market, and the relationship between innovation and supervision, Xiang Wenbo also expressed his view that people have an inclusive mentality for new things; and for some innovations that may cause security problems, he also shows that supervision means "keeping pace with the times".


International layout


It is understood that the 4 billion 500 million yuan convertible debt raised by Sany is intended to be used for major projects such as the construction of overseas industrial parks, research and development of engineering machinery products, the acquisition of domestic equipment manufacturing and the acquisition of shares of the housing industry company. Among them, improving the layout of international business is an important issue for the company to issue convertible bonds.


In recent years, Sany has made remarkable achievements in its internationalization layout. In 2015, for example, the company's overseas sales increased by 32% over the same year, and overseas business accounted for nearly 40% of the total sales of the company. The fastest growing market in the company last year is Venezuela, and from localization and research and development, the fastest growing market in the company is India, and the company has also put forward the slogan of "remaking one 31" in India; the company has benefited from the strategic layout of the "one along the road", the company 2015 Sales growth was achieved in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Africa in 2000.


As for the promotion of the Brazil Industrial Park project, which is one of the most important investments of the company, Xiang Wenbo said, "it is mainly land expropriation, and the company will have a long period of consideration for the project." He said that at present, the overall economic growth of South America is not ideal, but "the company is optimistic about the long-term development of the South American economy".


Innovation and supervision


In recent years, Sany has been active in its new business. In addition to the new energy, housing industrialization, port equipment and other business sectors, the company continues to force in the financial field, not only actively prepare Hunan's first private bank of Sanxiang bank, but also initiated the founding of the first domestic equipment manufacturing industry insurance company long long financial insurance.


And standing in the "Internet +" wind, 31 also actively respond to the challenge of the Internet for traditional thinking, using intelligent chemical plant and the ECC platform to realize the Internet of things, but also provide a data for the national economic development. The list of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects published by the Ministry of industry and Commerce in 2015 showed that 31 were the first batch of enterprises selected in the construction machinery industry.


As for the innovation and transformation of traditional industries, Xiang Wenbo believes that people should be tolerant of new things, fear is just an instinctive reaction, but there can be no change in things. "The company is now feeling the pressure of transformation and upgrading. The convertible bonds will be mainly used for the transformation and upgrading of the company. It is believed to be the main engine of the next growth of the company." He said.


The recent hot events, such as the Baidu bar gate and the wave of P2P running over a wave, have aroused wide attention, and the discussion of the relationship between innovation and regulation is increasing. Xiang Wenbo believes that the market and investors' enthusiasm for emerging industries is understandable, and is also in line with the trend of social economy and capital market development. However, if some innovation may bring some security risks or risk factors, people should be vigilant and need supervision. Moreover, the means of supervision should be constantly innovated and upgraded to keep up with the pace of the development of new things.